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What’s your favourite scary movie?

As regular readers will know, I love my horror films. I’ve been particularly excited this week because Scream4 -or ‘Scre4m’ to be precise- is released in the cinemas, which is awesome news and I am very, very excited. Very. But even more exciting is the trailer for a new horror film which is about to … Continue reading

Should the UK ban the burka?

  I’m not usually one to agree with Telegraph columnists, but there was a great little opinion feature in the paper today which I thought made a very strong point around the argument of whether the UK should follow in France’s steps in banning the burka. If you’ve got 5mins spare, it’s worth a read… You can click … Continue reading

Is GaGa really trying to ‘Express herself’?

So first off, I believe an apology is required; I haven’t blogged in weeks. Months even. Why? Well, I’ve been busy. Sometimes life gets in the way. On the other hand, a break is good for the soul and I have a theory that it’s a bit like not going to the gym for a … Continue reading

Lessons learnt from the Yorkshire Dales

There’s nothing like a short ‘n’ sweet break in the countryside to make you appreciate life’s more simple pleasures, and this weekend’s lovely trip to the Yorkshire Dales did exactly that. An autumn trip up north for a reunion with old school chums is becoming a regular annual event and this year some much needed … Continue reading

Kirsty Allsop: stick to the things you know (and leave alone those things you don’t)

I find myself unable to allow this week’s revelation [or should we say ‘news story inspired by telly PR people’] that Kirsty Allsop  ( @KirstieMAllsopp for twitter folk) is to turn her critical eye on travel firms for a new TV show pass without comment.  Normally I like Kirsty. That Location, Location stuff is interesting and … Continue reading

10 things you can do with a week off work

This week I’ve been off work, and rather than do my usual trick of run off to another country to catch some sun, I’ve actually spent it lounging around my home city of London. Actually that’s a lie, I’ve spent it lounging around my lounge. And sometimes the garden. It’s been quite an experience being … Continue reading