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Madonna the silent movie star?

Very few news stories genuinely make me hoot with laughter, but this one did and I thought it was worth sharing. So apparently, good ol’ Lord Webber – king of musical marvellousness (ish) – has announced that he’s found the perfect person to play the role of forgotten silent movie star Norma Desmond from the … Continue reading

Is GaGa really trying to ‘Express herself’?

So first off, I believe an apology is required; I haven’t blogged in weeks. Months even. Why? Well, I’ve been busy. Sometimes life gets in the way. On the other hand, a break is good for the soul and I have a theory that it’s a bit like not going to the gym for a … Continue reading

Join Madonna gym… and get a fat face?

  With the news that Madonna has made yet another gargantuan attempt at world domination with the opening of her own gym chain, I find myself compelled to ask the question; “What’s happened to Madonna’s face?” Does anyone know? I know she’s been snipping and tucking for years now which has left her looking a … Continue reading