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78.9 miles and 20 lessons learnt

So three marathons in 18 months… but what have I learnt? Well here’s a quick list… 1. Not to do a 4th Not for at least a year anyway… 2. Impossible is nothing When I completed my first marathon this logo was everywhere at the finish line, thanks to one of their key sponsors. Never before had … Continue reading

AIDS; A laughing matter?

    A series of X-Factor rarely passes without its controversies, but I didn’t quite expect this series to cause a debate amongst my friends on the ‘comedy value’ of HIV and AIDS. To explain; a friend of mine on twitter ( @Squibby_ ) made a comment during the programme which went as follows; “Diva … Continue reading

10 reasons to be pissed off

I know we’re British and therefore we don’t really need an excuse to be pissed off, but there does seem to be an unusually large amount of people generally pissed off at the moment, so I thought I’d sum up the reasons why -if you are feeling particularly pissed off- you can at least rest … Continue reading

The price you pay for being a child of the eighties

At the age of 32, I’ve discovered something interesting about myself; I am still unnerved by graves and graveyards at night. This is because I moved house recently.  My new street is just off the high street but rather well hidden behind a church, and to access it from the high street I have to take … Continue reading

#BusGate: How to kick London Bus’ ass (and other top tips)

It’s funny how things turn out. There I was worrying that I wouldn’t have something fresh, new and relevent to form the basis of my first proper blog post, and then TFL (good ol’d Transport for London) came hurtling to my rescue. I should’ve guessed actually. When all else fails, you can usually count on … Continue reading

Dipping more than just a toe into the scandalous world of blogging…

Well here I am again, faced with a new concept and an intimidating blank sheet of blog roll. (Blog roll people, not bog roll…) This being my second blog of course, the first being the wonderful (but not very wide-reaching) http://jamesrunslondon.blogspot.com/ “Adventures in Marathon Training” … which I like to think of as a first … Continue reading