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Remakes: Why you shldn’t f*ck with the original

Apologies for anyone who hasn’t seen the 4th installment in a certain slasher-movie series yet, but for those of you that have, you’ll no doubt remember one of the most awesome ‘last’ lines in a film ever: “You forgot the number one rule of remakes; don’t fuck with the original”. Ah yes, very well said … Continue reading

The Last Exorcism: a real head spinner?

I went to see The Last Exorcism on Sunday. Probably not the wisest move given my horrific hangover and rather delicate mental state, but it was the only movie that I wanted to see, and it was a great excuse to sit in a dark room and eat for 2 hours. Now before I get … Continue reading

Why Twilight’s Stephenie Meyer can bite me

**WARNING: this blog post may contain some distinctly lame toothy-related puns What is it about all these modern Vampires? Is it just me or are they a little bit wet? Take the Twilight ‘saga’ for example (and what a┬ásaga it is). All that pent up teenage lust and angst, all that moaning (not in a … Continue reading