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Remakes: Why you shldn’t f*ck with the original

Apologies for anyone who hasn’t seen the 4th installment in a certain slasher-movie series yet, but for those of you that have, you’ll no doubt remember one of the most awesome ‘last’ lines in a film ever: “You forgot the number one rule of remakes; don’t fuck with the original”. Ah yes, very well said … Continue reading

What’s your favourite scary movie?

As regular readers will know, I love my horror films. I’ve been particularly excited this week because Scream4 -or ‘Scre4m’ to be precise- is released in the cinemas, which is awesome news and I am very, very excited. Very. But even more exciting is the trailer for a new horror film which is about to … Continue reading

Should the UK ban the burka?

  I’m not usually one to agree with Telegraph columnists, but there was a great little opinion feature in the paper today which I thought made a very strong point around the argument of whether the UK should follow in France’s steps in banning the burka. If you’ve got 5mins spare, it’s worth a read… You can click … Continue reading

Madonna the silent movie star?

Very few news stories genuinely make me hoot with laughter, but this one did and I thought it was worth sharing. So apparently, good ol’ Lord Webber – king of musical marvellousness (ish) – has announced that he’s found the perfect person to play the role of forgotten silent movie star Norma Desmond from the … Continue reading