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Dipping more than just a toe into the scandalous world of blogging…

Well here I am again, faced with a new concept and an intimidating blank sheet of blog roll.

(Blog roll people, not bog roll…)

This being my second blog of course, the first being the wonderful (but not very wide-reaching) http://jamesrunslondon.blogspot.com/ “Adventures in Marathon Training” … which I like to think of as a first dipped toe into the world of blogging.

The only problem with that blog was rather too restrictive; there’s only so many times you can blog about the insanity of long distance running and marathon training (especially when you’re approaching your third marathon).

What started as a wide-eyed approach to a whole new experience from a boy who hadn’t voluntarily undertaken any exercise since he was 15, started to become a little too repetitive to report on.

After all, one of the wonderful things about long distance running is that you can allow your brain to shut down and leave the world behind for an hour or two, so more often than not I’d get back from a run only to discover that I had no idea what actually took place on the run. And so the blog gradually dried up.

But, over the months I must admit I’ve missed blogging. Life, as we all know, is quite often wonderfully distracting and entertaining (not to mention absurd, insane, painful, joyful, depressing, uplifting bla bla) and one of the things I love most about living in London is how you see life in all its forms.  I often find myself wishing that I had a space in which to tell a story, share an experience, provoke some thought.

So – here I am. After a little bit of twiddling of thumbs or burning of the little grey cells, I came up with the titles of Notes on a Scandal.

Why that title?

Well, firstly because it’s one of my favourite books; beautifully written by Zoë Heller and utterly compelling, not to mention occasionally brutal. (It’s also a great little film with Cate Blanchett and Sir Judi Dench… but the book is better).

Secondly because… well, what is a blog if not a collection of notes?

And finally because most of the things I enjoy in life could probably be termed as generally quite scandalous.




3 thoughts on “Dipping more than just a toe into the scandalous world of blogging…

  1. I look forward to hearing more scandalous tales! (And more than likely featuring in a few).

    Hoorah indeed!

    Posted by guy_interrupted | July 8, 2010, 1:16 pm
  2. Totes in a sandal?

    Posted by Jams | October 5, 2010, 12:20 pm

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